SeqOmics Ltd is an SME established in 2009 by 4 independent scientists to combine their complementary expertise for occupying an empty niche in the Hungarian, Central/Eastern European biotech industry: genomics based biotechnology. Beside metagenomics based industrial enzyme development and biomarker discovery for clinics, Seqomics provides next generation sequencing (NGS), more precisely massively parallel short read sequencing, which approach proved to be exceptionally powerful in re-sequencing projects (genotyping, biomarker discovery by identifying relevant SNP-s, indels, chromosomal rearrangements) and in expression profiling on digital way (whole transcriptome analysis, SAGE applications, microRNA profiling and discovery). These applications are SeqOmics' top-ranked and most highly demanded NGS services. The company is equipped or has access to the whole sequencing portfolio of Life Technologies such as the Personal Genome Machine.
SeqOmics has carried out over hundred NGS projects both as part of the company’s and the founders’ R&D activity and as a service for/ collaboration with academic and industrial institutions. These activities have already resulted in a patent application and a commercialized plug-in for a bioinformatics software package. Thus, SeqOmics has broad experience in NGS technology and bioinformatics which is combined with the extensive know-how of its founders in mutation-based gene discovery, molecular biology of human, plant and microbial cells.


Role within the project

SeqOmics will lead WP2, participates in WPs 2; 3; 8. The company will capture and sequence the human exome from the samples collected from patients with cervical cancer. With the analysis of the sequence data, it will identify the common driver mutations associated with cervical cancer and will classify the samples into molecular sub-groups should they exist. From the molecular data, it will develop cervical cancer diagnostics panel”, PCR-based or/and for the Personal Genome Machine.


Description of key people involved in the project

  • Attila Kereszt, PhD (Mol. Biology). Co-Founder of SeqOmics. His research interest is the molecular biology of interactions between eukaryotes and bacteria including pathogenic and symbiotic interactions as well as the molecular background of diseases.

  • István Nagy, PhD (Molecular Immunology). Co-Founder of SeqOmics. Post-Doctoral Fellow for 3 years in the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (Strasbourg, France) studying the epigenetic control of cell fate determination.

  • Balázs Bálint, PhD (Biotechnology, Bioinformatics). Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow for 3 years at academic (IDIBELL, Barcelona, Spain) and industrial (OncoMark Ltd. Dublin, Ireland) partners studying progression-linked DNA methylation changes in malignant melanoma. His interest is in cancer research and high throughput data analysis.