The hospital is a private and multidisciplinary structure, dedicated for cancer treatment, with 10 beds for in-patients setting (hospitalisation) and 12 beds for out-patients setting (ambulatory).

The other clinical departments are: General and Oncologic Surgery (including Gynecology), Neurosurgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Urology and Plastic Surgery. There are two externalized services: Radiology Department , fully structured (MRI and CT scan, etc) and Biology unit, with extensive and deep involvement in clinical day practice and research protocols.

Our hospital has a partnership with the National Assurance structure, treating all patients with solid tumors.

Our staff is composed by three medical oncologists. Two of them have a double Board Certification in Medical Oncology (France and Romania), with more than 7 years of medical practice in the field of oncology in France (Gustave Roussy, Alexis Vautrin, Henri Becquerel Cancer centres and Georges Pompidou European Hospital).

Our oncology department is deeply involved in clinical research activities, with more that 30 ongoing phase II-III clinical trials. A phase I unit will be fully operational in Q3 2013.

Dr Eugeniu Banu, has more than 12 years of experience in clinical research (France and Romania) with 31 peer-review publication, medical reviewer for 12 medical journals (USA and Europe) in the field of oncology, urology and gynecology.

Previous experience in clinical research, a multidisciplinary team, good infrastructure including a clinical research unit (clinical research physicians, study coordinator, registered nurse, etc) are the arguments.


Role within the project

The main role is to collect tumor tissue samples on eligible patients. Romania is an European country with high mortality rates due to cervical cancer, especialy for younger patients. Our expertise in biostatistics and bioinformatics (member of the American Statistical Association, Royal Statistical Society and International Society for Clinical Biostatistics) is offered in order to generate the statistical plan, analysis with support (relational databases).


Description of key people involved in the project

  • Banu Eugeniu, MD., principal investigator, senior medical oncologist (board-certified since 1998), clinical research scientist.
    Member of the following professional societies: ESMO, EACR, IGCS, EAU, ILCA, ESGO, IASCL, MASSC, STO, ISGO, ISOO, EUSOMA, EANO, ENETS, ESDO, ASA, RSS, ISCB.”