The Kliniken Essen Mitte (KEM) is a specialized interdisciplinary cancer center which hosts one of the largest and scientifically most active departments in gynaecologic oncology in Germany. The aim of KEM is to become a comprehensive cancer center. Beginning 2011 Prof. du Bois was appointed as head of the department of Gynaecologic Oncology. Prof. du Bois is vice president and president elect of ENGOT, the European assembly of study groups in gynaecologic oncology. Several international multicentric clinical studies are currently lead by him or by gynaecologic oncologists of his department. As it represents also a center of surgical excellence many German fellows come to visit KEM to learn about surgical standards of therapy. Under the supervision of Prof. du Bois more 1500 patients have received treatment within prospective clinical trials.

The KEM is closely linked to the AGO study group. KEM hosts three gynaecologic oncologists who are principle investigators of international prospective clinical trials and who are members of the AGO executive board. For coordination purposes parts of the AGO office moved into proximity to KEM.
The infrastructure of KEM assures that a large fraction of gynaecologic oncology patients receive treatment within clinical study protocols. The department of gynaecologic oncology is currently recruiting patients for seven prospective phase II or phase III clinical trials. Two of the open protocols recruit patients for randomized surgical interventions in primary or recurrent ovarian cancer.
KEM has experience in the conduct of phase I trials and will be able to collect and process tumor tissue samples.
KEM is one of very few German reference centers for robotic surgery in cervical cancer.


Role within the project

Due to its experience and link to the AGO in Germany KEM will organize phase II protocol development for major mutational /loss of function aberrations and coordinate parts of the industrial partnership. Furthermore KEM will set up the eCRF in collaboration with Quanticsoft and supervise data base management.
KEM and IC will also collaborate in the teaching for good clinical trial conduct to be implemented in all countries and in the establishment of a Quality control and alert system to be implemented in every step of trial conduct and data handling.


Description of key people involved in the project

  • Christian Kurzeder, Gynecologic Oncologist is involved in the medical and surgical care of patients with breast and gynecological cancers. He is a member of the German AGO Ovarian Cancer Study Group (AGO-OVAR)