Created in 1960, the Institute of Oncology of Republic of Moldova is a multidisciplinary hospital and research center with a total number of 2000 beds, has a long-standing history in the treatment and research in all aspects of oncology: Surgery, Radio- and Chemotherapy. It has 10 Scientific Laboratories, 1363 staff personnel: 296 doctors, including 60 MD degree and 25 PhD degree, 466 nurses. Main activities the Oncology Gynecology Department (15 doctors) and Radiation Oncology Gynecology (7 doctors): diagnosis, treatment, scientific research of gynecological neoplastic tumors. Department of Gynecology with 70 beds - consists of two departments: Gynecology Nr.1 and Gynecology Nr.2 which operates and treats patients with gynecological disease, give chemotherapy in ovarian and cervical cancer. We have a department of Radiogynecology with 65 bedswhere patients with gynecological cancer where cervical cancer are treated according to local and international protocols (Radio, Chemotherapy).
We have an experience in collecting samples, tissues and storage, with several participations in international projects like TOC and ASTERAND. This experience is relevant regarding the RAIDs large and medium scale clinical trials, which involve sample collection and storage. Regarding our previous experience in randomized trials, we are fully documented regarding national and international Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for sampling and processing blood, PBMC, tumor tissues and serum.
Main involvement, expectations in RAIDs: we do expect to enroll near 60 cervical cancer patients per year.


Role within the project

Our department established a tumor bank with ovarian and cervical cancer tissues.
At the moment patients with cervical cancer are involved in none of the studies with drugs or clinical trials in our Institute of Oncology. Annually almost 300 patients are diagnosed each year with cervical cancer where 80% are primary diagnosed in stage 2 and 3, and only 10% in stage 1. These patients are a big potential of subjects that may be involved in studies.


Description of key people involved in the project


  • Prof. Sofroni Dumitru, chief of Department of Gynecology. 1996 – Director of Oncological Institute of Moldova.

  • Mr. Sergiu Ungureanu, dr. Gynecologist in the department of Gynecology Nr. 2. Member of TOC “Tumor Bank Ovarian Cancer” Member of ESGO, ENYGO, ESMO, Society of Oncology from Moldova.

  • Dr. Nina Samet, Radiation oncogynecologist in the Department of Radiation Oncology.