Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina is comprehensive Cancer centre founded in 1965. IOV constitutes a centre of excellence in the field of gynaecologic oncology, bringing together several disciplines, such as Clinic for internal oncology, Clinic for operative oncology, Department for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, experimental medicine, rehabilitation, epidemiology, Imaging centre, Clinical research unit, Day hospital, Out-patient clinic.
Since 2007, our institute has integrated a new clinical and business information system, in order to achieve the best possible support of patient care, outcome and administration by presenting data where needed and acquiring data when generated with networked electronic data processing.
Imaging centre has 2 MRI machines (1.5 T /Avanto/ and 3 T /Trio/), as well as PET/CT / Siemens Biograph 64 /, a mammography, CT scans, US scan. IOV performs between 11 000 and14 000 MRI examinations per year and 4423 operations were performed in 2011at the clinic for operative oncology. Our department of pathology performs 11 000 biopsies per year, 3 000 cytology specimens, and 7000 immuno-histochemistry analysis.

Department of pathology - ongoing projects concerning study of targeted therapy agents in colorectal cancer, breast cancer, pancreas and melanoma. No 200080763 ASPECCT: A study of Panitumumab efficacy and safety compared to Cetuximab in subjects with KRAS Wild –type metastatic colorectal cancer / AMGEN sponsored /. No 20060540 Gemcitabine and AMG479 in metastatic adenocarcinoma of pancreas / AMGEN sponsored
Projects from  Imaging centre - 2011 - ”Hereditary, environmental and psychological factors of mental health”, Project Nr. 179006, funded by Ministry of science and technology of Republic Serbia 2011 – ”MR spectroscopy and PET / CT in the differentiation of dementia”, Project Nr. 114-451-2255/2011, funded by Secretariat for science and technology of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.


Role within the project

Our Institute has 47 years of experience in comprehensive care in the field of Gyne-oncology, in a country with one of the highest incidence of cervical cancer in Europe. With about 150-200 new cases of cervical cancer per year, we would contribute to faster accrual of patients. Therefore, IOV will participate to the SOPs set up for tumour, serum and PBMC sample collection,  the development of written standard sample processing protocols the sample storage, handling, mailing and the set-up of protocol for sequential tumour sampling during chemoradiotherapy (WP4). IOV will be involved in WP2, to register samples into the common eCRF database and to store in liquid nitrogen.IOV will be in charge of sample storage, handling, mailing and the quality control for standard therapy, in particular as regards radiotherapy management in his clinical centre (WP4). IOV will set up central review of main response criteria with relevant imaging (WP4).


Description of key people involved in the project

  • Marina Popovic MD, gynecologic oncologist: 19 years of experience in the field of gynae-oncology. Member of Society of UGOS / Association for Gynecologic Oncology of Serbia /, and ESGO. 

  • Aljosa Mandic Phd ,gynecologic oncologist. Asist .professor . Member of UGOS, ESGO,ENYGO