The Institute Gustave-Roussy (IGR), a leading European anticancer centre, has a staff of 2,500 people whose mission is to treat patients suffering from cancer, conduct research and develop new therapies, and to pass on knowledge and know-how to the medical and scientific communities in France and world-wide. The 400-bed hospital with its 124 statutory physicians has over 11,000 new patients annually, 130,000 patients attend its clinics and 42,000 patients receive treatment. There are 400 research scientists under the oversight of a scientific council, a therapeutic trials commission and a clinical research committee.
Its efficacy in its primary commitment towards patients, the fight against cancer.

The INSERM1030 “radiothérapie moléculaire” is focussed in the use of pharmacological agents in order to increase the tumour versus normal tissue differential effect of radiotherapy. To this respect, the concept of combining nucleosid antiviral analogs, namely Cidofovir, to increase the response of HPV positive tumours to radiotherapy and anti EGFR agents has been patented and transferred from the lab to the patient by performing 2 clinical trials. The first one already completed demonstrated safety and promising results warranting further clinical phase II evaluation. Our data support the fact that Cidofovir exposure can markedely decrease the level of HPV E6/E7 expression, restore p53 function and inhibit angiogenesis and migration/metastasis.
The radiation therapy department of Institut Gustave Roussy has a strong background in the treatment of cervical cancer. To this respect, the center acts as one of the key academic centers in Europe and has significantly contributed to the definition of guidelines for the treatment of cervix cancer (Pötter, Haie-Meder, Rad Oncol, 2006, Haie_Meder, Ann Oncol 2010).


Role within the project

  • Generate preclinical data on micro environmental changes in tumours after exposure to ionizing radiation using a spontaneous, HPV positive murine tumor model;
  • Assess the impact of CSF1 receptor on tumor response to IR in HPV positive tumor models by cross breading HPV16 transgenic mice with CSF-/- mice;
  • Perform a phase II randomized clinical trial assessing the clinical usefulness of Cidofovir added to standard chemoradiation and brachytherapy.

Description of key people involved in the project

  • Eric Deutsch, Scientific leader of early phase I and preclinical (XRT + drugs), full professor of cancerology, radiotherapy.

  • Christine Haie-Meder, Head of brachytherapy service.

  • Eleonor Rivin del Campo, MD in Radiation Oncology
  • Andrea Slocker


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