The Institut Curie (IC) is a comprehensive cancer centre and a private non-profit foundation for public service. IC includes the largest French basic science campus for cancer research as well as a translational science platform, headed by Sergio Roman-Roman. It is a referral centre with a staff of > 3000 (>200 medical) involved in patient care, research and education and an annual load of > 12.000 new patients. It is certified by Inca (Institut national du cancer) to conduct early clinical trials (V Dieras), it has a technical platform controlling all aspects of clinical research (UGEC: P Tresca), clincical database and statistical controls (B Asselain). IC has a dedicated biobank and is a national repository for tumour tissues (>30.000) and derivatives (X Sastre).

Institut Curie (IC) is certified by Inca (Institut national du cancer) to conduct early clinical trials. 74 phase 1/ 2 clinical trials were conducted at Curie and 186 patients enrolled in 2010. A total of 19 trials were promoted by Curie in 2010.
IC has previous experience with academically sponsored trials in gynaecological tumors and finished inclusion of a phase 2 trial in cervical cancer in collaboration with Merck Serono (Dr Scholl was PI) mid 2011. Dr Suzy ME Scholl [MD, MRCOG] has a degree in Hospital Management from Sorbonne IAE Université Paris 1 with a thesis on translational research development and organization.
The IC bioinformatics platform (ICBP) has a substantial IT infrastructure, managed by the IC's Computer team: a 400 Tb storage and a computational cluster (300 cores, 1.7 GB of RAM)
The RPPA technology has been initiated in Curie in 2005 through a collaborative project with the French pharmaceutical company Servier (Marty, Maire et al. 2008). In 2009, a platform was created, allowing other laboratories to benefit from this technology for their cancer-related projects. The RPPA platform is currently open for collaboration requests from outside institutions.
Finally, IC is centrally located in Paris and has all the necessary meeting rooms, allowing easy access for meetings for other European investigators


Role within the project

The Translational laboratories platform (RPPA) and the bioinformatics unit together with SeqOmics (Hungary) will have a central role in biomarker detection. IC will also be instrumental in setting up the large cognitive trial (n=700) needed for the discovery of molecular alterations in cervical cancer, in the teaching for good clinical trial conduct to be implemented in all countries, and in the development of an eCRF in collaboration with the SME: Quanticsoft. Quality control aspects for standard therapy and for clinical monitoring will be set up by KEM (AGO) with the help of NKI, Curie and IGR and verified by senior clinical research assistants to be hired for this project. Basic science input from the largest French basic science campus for cancer research associated with the Curie clinical centre will be sought for stratification of patients during part II of RAIDs project into targeted therapy protocols (chemicals, vaccines, antiviral reagents). This is implemented through meetings by ETIC (Early Trials Institut Curie) a monthly exchange meeting for scientists and clinicians.
RAIDs was presented on January 10th 2012 to the plenary session. The BioPhenics screening platform (Franck Perez) will play a major role in the screening of non-antibody inhibitors of CSF1R using the RUSH technique (patented Ref. WO 2010/142785 Al) and be instrumental in devising strategies to reorganize the tumor micro-environment.


Description of key people involved in the project

  • Suzy Scholl, MD (France), MRCOG (UK), Senior Medical Oncologist at Institut Curie, involved in the care of patients with breast and gynecological cancers. Member of AACR (TME group) and EORTC gynae group (Head of Translational Studies Group), of the POINT advisory board (cancer vaccines) and of the editorial board of Molecular Cancer Treatments.

  • Maud Kamal, Ph.D Translational Research project Manager

  • Leanne De Koning, PhD Manager of the Reverse Phase Protein Array (RPPA) platform

  • Philippe Hupé, PhD Deputy-director of the bioinformatics platform (25 persons), 21 publications, 800 citations

  • Sebastien Armanet, Project manager, Clinical Trial Management Unit

  • Lisa Belin, Biostatistician